The Best Hostel in Finland 2021 is Time Hostel

Time Hostel has just been selected as the Best Hostel in Finland 2021! Time Hostel is located in the city center of Jyväskylä right next to the University of Jyväskylä main campus.

The election was made by the Board of the Finnish Hostel Association based on votes given by hostel customers. The selection emphasized the atmosphere and service of the hostel. The hostel customers gave a total of nearly 400 votes to all hostel in the Finnish HI network. Time Hostel got 29 % of all votes.

Time Hostel double room, Time Hostel reception, wall painting at Time Hostel
Time Hostel, Jyväskylä

The hostel has a unique design

This family-owned business was opened in April 2019. The hostel itself is located in an old building that used to serve as a nursing home, dormitory and an office space. Entrepreneur Margo Saxberg together with his wife Marita renovated and decorated the premises entirely.

The selection of Time Hostel as the Best Hostel in Finland 2021 were justified in a public vote e.g., as follows:

  • “The owners built the hostel out of love for the customers. Unique and thoughtfully designed.”
  • “Unique rooms, warm atmosphere. Very good service and guest wishes taken into account.”
  • “A bohemian interior style creates a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The owners have carefully selected the hostel interior and design, from kitchen equipment to small details. Self-check-in and check-out were effortless and, according to the spirit of the Coronavirus era, contactless, which was a big plus!”

This design hostel has eight rooms for 2-4 people and one dormitory for 8 people. The total bed count is 25. The hostel has a unique decoration and all rooms are different from each other. The walls and ceilings have hand-painted art on them painted by Ilkka Hackman from Jyväskylä, under the trade name Huonosti maalatut seinät (= Poorly painted walls).

Wall painting at Time Hostel, painted by Ilkka Hackman, Huonosti maalatut seinät
Wall painting by Ilkka Hackman, Huonosti maalatut seinät
Dormitory room at Time Hostel
Dormitory room at Time Hostel
Twin room
Twin room at Time Hostel

Time Hostel has responsible values

Recycled materials have been used in the interior and responsibility is important to the hostel. The hostel has recently started Hostelling International’s HI Quality & Sustainability programme as well as Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme, both of which aim to gain a quality label of responsible tourism.

The hostel operates on door code basis and is therefore keyless. Self-check- in and check-out are available via door codes. However, the owners work at the hostel on a daily basis and the emergency telephone is available 24 hours a day.

Lounge room
Lounge at Time Hostel

“Time Hostel is a great example of what modern hostels are like at their best. The hostel has a unique and innovative twist and is a place where guests can get new experiences and meet other travelers. In addition, the owners are genuinely committed to responsible actions and the development of the hostel based on customer wishes”, says Sanni Viirto, the CEO of the Finnish Hostel Association.

Each year since 2004 The Finnish Hostel Association has been awarding a hostel within the network as The Best Hostel in Finland. Last year’s winner was Laivahostel S/S Bore in Turku.

Read more about Time Hostel here.

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