Santa Claus wishes Merry Christmas!

Santa’s Skype call to Japan

It’s that time of year when Hostel Visatupa in Sodankylä makes Santa Claus Skype call to Japanese hostels. This year, the Skype call was made to hostels  in Tokyo, Oumi and Osaka.

Reindeer and Santa Claus
@Juho Kuva / Visit Finland

Local children gathered in Japanese youth hostels to listen to stories about Finland and Santa. The children were also allowed to ask Santa Claus questions. The event was organized as a charity for single-parent families in Japan. The event aims to spread good mood and Christmas atmosphere for everyone but most importantly to children.

Santa’s Skype call has become an annual tradition of the Finnish Hostel Association and Japan Youth Hostels (HI Japan). It is great to be able to cooperate internationally on a good cause. Even the smallest deeds are meaningful and bring happiness!

As a result, we would like to send our special thanks to Hostel Visatupa and to Japan Youth Hostels for the opportunity to participate in the event!

Hostel Visatupa, Sodankylä
Santa Claus in Hostel Visatupa

Santa Claus lives officially in Korvatunturi. However, he absolutely loves to visit Hostel Visatupa. Above all, he enjoys Hostel Visatupa’s welcoming hosts, as well as the beautiful and pure nature surrounding the hostel.

Read more about Hostel Visatupa here.

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