Experience Dark Sky in Denmark

The islands of Møn and Nyord in Denmark are listed by the International Dark-Sky Association, as locations to view the Dark Sky. There are several places in Denmark where light pollution is minimal, so you can see the stars. Dark Sky locations reduce light pollution, so it is possible to clearly see the starry skies. Many enjoy the experience and encourage the reduction of light pollution.

Many people live in areas with high light pollution. You can experience Dark Sky in Denmark when you visit Rømø, Samsø, Langeland, Møn, Nyord, Bornholm, Lolland, Falster and West Jutland.

When you stay at Danhostel Sandvig, you are within walking distance of the coast and can experience Dark Sky. Be careful not to fall on the rocks in the dark. There are other areas on Bornholm where you can enjoy Dark Sky.

Lolland and Falster
Spend the night at Danhostel Sakskøbing and experience Dark Sky. Drive to the southern part of the island, find a cosy spot away from major roads and towns and enjoy the beautiful night sky.

South Jutland
There are great options near the Wadden Sea National Park on Denmark’s west coast. Dark Sky is not far away when you spend the night at Danhostel Ribe or Danhostel Tønder. It is also easy to find great Dark Sky locations when you stay at Danhostel Rømø.

West Jutland
There are several areas along the North Sea in West Jutland (including on the beach), so if you stay at Danhostel Henne Strand, Danhostel Nymindegab, Danhostel Hvide Sande or Danhostel Fjaltring, you do not have to drive far to experience Dark Sky. Further north at Danhostel Thisted, the starry skies are bright, and a drive to see the stars a great way to spend the evening with family or friends.

Choose the Best Time of Year
To see Dark Sky, choose the best time of year and weather. Use a lunar calendar or weather services to determine the rising and setting of the sun. Choose times when the night is clear.

Patience and Warm Clothing
Wait patiently for your eyes to adjust to the darkness which might take about 20 minutes. Bring a red bicycle backlight which will not interfere with your vision. Wear warm clothing.

Enjoy the Experience
Bring a blanket or a sleeping bag, lie comfortably on your back and get a good view of the sky without twisting your neck. Enjoy the experience.

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