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Lapland: Experience the magic above the Arctic Circle

Lapland is the largest and northernmost region of Finland. Lapland’s breath-taking views, pure nature and versatile activity possibilities make it a popular tourist destination. Contrasts are highly visible in Lapland where the 24-hour sunlight in the summer replaces the cold and dark winter days.

The idyllic towns and active ski resorts are just a stone throw away from the peace and quiet of the pure Lappish nature and wilderness. Lapland is also the home of Santa Claus – thus Christmas in Lapland is more than just one day during a year.

190 000 reindeer
749 fells
1 Santa Claus

Vibrant colors in Lapland
Vibrant colors
(c) Markus Kiili / Visit Finland

Magical Northern Lights

During the winter Lapland is a true winter wonderland. Snow covers Lapland for nearly half of the year and the temperature during winter stays way below zero.

The beautiful colorful Northern Lights against dark sky during a frosty night is an experience that you will never forget. Northern Lights can be spotted on more than 200 nights a year.

How would a Northern Light spotting tour sound like while snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or sled dog touring?

Northern Lights in Lapland
Northern Lights
(c) Konsta Punkka / Visit Finland

Hostel Ahopää is our best bet to go if witnessing Northern Lights is on your mind. Hostel Ahopää is located at Saariselkä, which is a mountainous area in the municipality of Inari.

This hostel offers cosy accommodation, tasty food, guided skiing, snowshoeing and hiking trips. Unforgettable moments can be experienced by swimming in an arctic fell stream and bathing in a genuine smoke sauna.

Sauna in Hostel Ahopää
Hostel Ahopää, Saariselkä
(c) Sampsa Sulonen

Mystical Polar Night

During the summer, Lapland bathes in sunlight for almost three months – nearly 24 hours a day! In contrast during the winter, you hardly ever see the sun. This phenomenon is called “Polar Night”.

It is an incredible contrast to the light summer days and totally worth experiencing. You might think that there’s nothing to see during the dark winter days but that’s certainly not the case.

Think about waking up in a complete darkness and making yourself a strong cup of coffee (like we Finns prefer), then going outside to see the sparkling stars near the horizon vanish as the sky begins to glow. First deep violet, then vivid blue. At its brightest, the sky glows baby pink and slight yellow. An hour later the stars begin to twinkle again, and the night falls – at 2 in the afternoon.

Polar Night in Lapland
Polar Night
(c) Jaakko Posti / Visit Finland
Polar Night in Lapland
Polar Night
(c) Rob Smith / Visit Finland

The Polar Night calls for inspiration, and what a better place to experience it than in a middle of a calm, comfortable and cosy place like Hostel Visatupa.

Visatupa is located north of the Arctic Circle in Sodankylä, and is a working dairy farm. The hearty owners of Visatupa offer a warm welcome and look after their guests well. Visitors can also learn about farm work and the process of milk production in the arctic climate.

What a better way to enjoy the Polar Night than by relaxing in a sauna and taking a dip in a frozen lake through an ice hole. After refreshing bath you can spend your evening in a Lappish hut, making pancakes or cooking sausages over a sparkling fire.

Hostel Visatupa, Sodankylä
Hostel Visatupa, Sodankylä
Campfire in Lapland
(c) Olli Oilinki / Visit Finland

Activities in the pure nature

Lapland offers the best rides in Finland! Would you prefer to ride by a pack of huskies or Santa’s reindeer? Both are great ways to explore the snowy surroundings.

Reindeer sledge in Lapland
Reindeer sledge
(c) Juho Kuva / Visit Finland
Husky sledge in Lapland
Husky sledge
(c) Juho Kuva / Visit Finland

Or maybe you’re more into an active way of getting around, which you can do by riding down the beautiful fells on a snowboard or skis.

Ylläs is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and families. Ylläs offers the longest and best-kept ski tracks in Finland and is the must-go destination for activity lovers!

Downhill skiing in Lapland
Downhill skiing
(c) Juha Laine / Visit Finland

Kuerkievari KuerHostel is a family-owned hotel&hostel situated by the spectacular Kuer Fell, only 2 kilometres from Äkäslompolo village. Let your adventure begin, ski tracks and snowshoe trails are waiting at the hostel’s doorstep!

This hostel offers 13 nice, simple and clean rooms for 1,2 and 4 persons. You may book a bed in a dorm or choose a private room for friends or family. Toilets and showers are located in the corridors as well as a shared kitchen to prepare your own meals.

Kuerkievari KuerHostel, Ylläs/Äkäslompolo
Kuerkievari KuerHostel, Ylläs/Äkäslompolo
Room in Kuerkievari KuerHostel, Ylläs/Äkäslompolo
Kuerkievari KuerHostel, Ylläs/Äkäslompolo

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