White water rafting in Sjoa

Sjoa lies in the heart of the mountains of Eastern Norway. Situated in a beautiful valley along the Sjoa River, it is known as the best place in Norway to go white-water rafting.

The Sjoa River is famous throughout Norway as thé place to go white water rafting. Flowing downwards from the mountain chain of Jotunheimen, the river flows through the beautiful valley of Heidal, with steep cliffs on both sides.

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HI Sjoa Hostel lies is a beautiful quiet place.

Our HI hostel in Sjoa offers both a high-quality place to stay, and rafting tours for different levels. The hostel is situated in a renovated historic farmhouse, the childhood home of Tor, the host of the hostel. The breakfast area is in the old living room, and is simply the most atmospheric place to start your day. The hostel has modern comfortable rooms, and also has a camping ground for tents, and even a hot tub.

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The breakfast area in the historic house.

The hostel offers guided white-water rafting excursions on the Sjoa River. Excursions are offered for different levels, and you can choose a longer or shorter traject. Experienced guides will make sure you have a safe trip.

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Rafting in Sjoa is a truly amazing experience. There are many rapids, and the rivers follows its way through spectacular canyons, with rocks and caves, and secluded places where it’s possible to swim. The views of the surrounding mountains are also spectacular.

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Our hostel in Sjoa wishes you welcome!

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Text by Robin Van de Walle

Photos: HI Norway


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