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Cycling Tours in the Lake District

The area around Skanderborg and Ry, known as the Lake District offers memorable experiences. This 17 km route starts in Skanderborg and continues through the beautiful areas of Alken near Moss Lake, and Boes, with its cosy café and half-timbered houses.  The route ends in the harbour town of Ry which has small shops just waiting to be explored.  From Ry, take the ferry to Himmelbjerget, one of Denmark’s highest points and enjoy the views over the Lake District.  There are many cycling routes to choose from, so inhale the fresh air in the natural surroundings, view the wildlife, enjoy an ice cream and go for a swim in the lakes.


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On the cycle route between Skanderborg and Ry, you will discover a green stopover called Retroplanter.  Retroplanter is run by Henny Kirstine Brobjerg who collected old-fashioned plants he got from his grandmother.  Henny’s interest in the plants ultimately led to the opening of a unique shop and greenhouse filled with fascinating retro plants.

Canoe Trip on Skanderborg Lake

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Skanderborg Lake offers various water activities such as swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Sail on the Tåning River to Moss Lake, Denmark’s fourth largest lake. Visit some of the islands close by.  A trip to Kalvø (Kalv Island) will reveal the place where a monastery stood in the Middle Ages. Visit Æbelø (Æbel Island) where it is said that King Christian IV learned to sail.  A canoe trip is something for everyone, so remember to bring your binoculars and view rare fish eagles and tree kingfishers who live near the sea.  Bring a packed lunch and take a break along the way.


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