Explore Helsingør in Denmark with Danhostel

Helsingør, also known as Elsinore, is a historic area which lies less than an hour’s drive north of Copenhagen.  With famous attractions, magnificent views and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this maritime city should be on your bucket list.

The city’s landmark is Kronborg Castle, a Renaissance castle and the presumed location where Shakespeare’s renowned play, Hamlet took place.  Kronborg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which attracts more than quarter million visitors each year.  Walk through the castle, participate in the summer drama or enter the damp casemates and imagine yourself living during the era when Shakespeare created his play or when Denmark ruled with a strong arm and would shoot at sailors who either forgot or refuse to pay the sound dues when crossing the Øresund Strait.

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While in Helsingør, expect to find other attractions such as The Culture Yard which hosts concerts, Øresund Aquarium and Helsingør Harbour.  Helsingør Harbour is a yachting harbour where you can fish, enjoy the unique atmosphere and participate in various recreational activities.  The harbour is also the home of the Danish Maritime Museum, an underground museum located in the old shipyard.  Explore the city of Helsingør with its cobblestone streets, shops, cafes, restaurants, pedestrian streets and cosy corners.  Get a guidebook at any of the museums and learn about the exciting history as you go on a tour. For more excitement, take a 15-minute trip to Helsinborg, Sweden via the ferry. Shop either on the ferry or in the exciting city of Helsinborg.

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After a long day’s adventure, book your stay at Danhostel Helsingør, which offers amazing views, comfortable beds and low-priced accommodation for all ages.  There are TV rooms, a playground, a lounge with a pool, an activity room for children, free Wi-Fi, free parking and a modern guest kitchen. With 42 rooms and 8 cabins, you will be close to all the events and attractions.  The hostel has its own private beach where you can walk barefoot, and in 10 minutes, you can be at the front door of Kronborg Castle or at one of the many exciting attractions available.

Read more and book your stay here.
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