Danhostel Says, “Yes,” to Bugs for Breakfast

Danhostel’s three city hostels are the first hostels in Europe to launch a “Bugs for Breakfast” initiative.  Say HI! to sustainable foods made from selected insects.


The three hostels behind the initiative are Danhostel Copenhagen AmagerDanhostel Copenhagen City and Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj. They will start with 4 dishes, namely:

  • Super muffins with apple-apricot-almond and buffalo worms Super Muffins
  • Crispbread prepared with flour made from meal worms Knækbrød med melorme
  • Baked wax moth larvae Bagte voksmøllarver
  • Chapulines – Mexican grasshoppers prepared with, for example, lime Græshopper med lime.jpg

Did you know that bugs, worms and other insects are just a nutritious as meat and fish with as much protein, calcium, iron, etc? Over 2 billion people eat them as part of a well-balanced diet.

Learn more about the initiative at our News page.



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