Snack for 25 DKK or Less in Copenhagen

If you feel peckish when you are in Copenhagen, you can always find a good deal – if you know where to eat.  Here are just a few tasty snacks and delicious treats you can enjoy for 25 DKK or less.

Try a hot dog (pølser) at any of the sausage wagons (pølsevogn) in the city.  This is a favourite of Danes and visitors alike.  You will find a range of prices depending on what you choose, but you can easily find a pølser within your budget.


The Central Station in Copenhagen has many places where you can save money on meals. Some sell salads, burgers, french fries and gluten free meals.  The Supermarket, MAD, next to the tourist information centre, has great bargains on fruits, vegetables, juices and hot drinks.  At the front end of the store, an open-face sandwich costs only 15 DKK or 2 for 25 DKK.  Walk a bit further towards the back and buy creamed potatoes, cooked chicken, meatballs, or make your own salad for less than 25 DKK.  While at MAD, don’t forget to take a free cup or two of cold water.


Do you like samosas or falafels? Shawarma Grill House on the walking street near City Hall has some of the best meals.  While a whole meal could set you back an average of 100 DKK, a samosa or a few falafels will cost you only about 25 DKK.  Check out Torvehallerne near Nørreport Station, which has a host of shops with a variety of snacks. You will definitely find meals which will not cost an arm and a leg. Keep in mind that a few shops in Copenhagen charge just 25 DKK for a Shawarma between 12 pm and 3 pm.


How about Danish treats that will not break the bank, but will leave you wanting more?  At Torvehallerne near Nørreport (see featured image), you can find many small meals and treats.  For probably the best flødeboller (a chocolate covered marshmallow) in town, try the small Summerbird flødeboller for only 11 DKK each, or other chocolate treats at Torvehallerne or Magasin Department Store.  Ask for a sample of their chocolate covered treats.


Andersen’s Bakery next door to Tivoli, or on Gammel Kongevej in Frederiksberg, sells wonderful pastries – many for less than 25 DKK each.  Try one and you will be hooked.  Macarons, which cost 12 DKK each, or 2 for 22 DKK, are divine, and so are the pastries like the delicious Spanduaer with cream or jam – a much, much, better version of what many people call a “Danish.”


Somøds Bolcher’s has a variety of hard candy, but try the one known as “H. K. Bolcher”, which I will politely call a “Ti Stille” (keep quiet) Bolcher.  Each candy costs 5 DKK.  “Five kroner for one?” you ask.  Each tastes great and fills your mouth so you cannot say a word.  Give one to a chatty friend and enjoy 2 minutes of silence.  Why do I say “Ti Stille” is the polite name for this hard candy?  Well, just ask the lovely lady behind the counter.


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