Geilo – winter paradise for skiers

Many Norwegians love the winter. They talk about how much they miss the snow when it’s in the middle of the summer, and start preparing their cross-country skies long before the first snow has fallen. Checking the weather on the app, they always choose the highest point where it is a – very small – possibility that it might be a chance for putting on their skies and disappearing into the forest.


Mid November is usually wet and cold along the coast of Norway, but in the mountain regions the snow falls in heaps and the first ski slopes and tracks start to open. You can be sure that the most eager skiers are more than ready!

One of the places in Norway where you are certain that snow will fall and the slopes will be ready prepared is Geilo, situated along the Oslo-Bergen train Bergensbanen and around 3 hours from the Norwegian capital. Geilo is a small town with only 2400 inhabitants in the summer, but grows in the winter to become a centre for skiers from all over the world. Well suited for both alpine skiers and cross country skiers, the town has a large number of hotels, bars and restaurants.

Geilo Hostel

Where to stay?

If you are looking for a friendly and cozy place to spend your time together with your friends, family or by yourself, Geilo Hostel is a great choice. The hostel offers affordable accomodation in traditional Norwegian huts with the possibility to ski straight out of the hostel, spend the day outside and the evening in the hostel’s sauna. What could possibly be better? The hostel manager Svein Inge is welcoming all kinds of guests to Geilo.

Hostel Manager Svein Inge Øen


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