Danhostel’s New Backpacker Website

We are pleased to announce that our new Backpacker website is up and running.  This has been our baby for the past few months and we are still in the process of adding and updating relevant information.

This site is mainly for Backpackers as the name suggests, and the focus is on our city hostels in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.  There are three hostel in Copenhagen, namely, Danhostels Copenhagen City, Copenhagen Bellahøj and Copenhagen Amager.  The other two are Danhostels Odense and Aarhus located in their respective cities.


You can book your budget accommodation from the site and learn much about interesting places and sites in Denmark’s three largest cities.  Read about areas in Copenhagen and its environs such as Amager, Christianshavn, Frederiksberg, the Inner City, Nørrebro, and Vesterbro.  You will be thrilled with the many festivals, museums and Michelin experiences in all three cities.  Learn more about Hans Christian Andersen, take quiet walks near the waterfront, tour the museums, attend concerts and festivals, or relax in one of the many parks.

7789_Kongens Have_Nicolai Perjesi


And if that is not enough, go shopping, visit attractions, take trips to trendy areas, participate in free activities, get free apps and eat at reasonably priced cafes and restaurants.  Find some hidden gems like Copenhagen Boulders, where you can test your ability to climb without a harness, walk through Papirøen located near Copenhagen Opera House and sample a variety of foods from all over the world, or just people watch at Kaffeplantagen while you work or play on your computer or tablet. Don’t forget a trip to Amalienborg Palace.

Palace and Cathedral



In Aarhus, visit the circular skywalk at ARoS Art Museum, experience the various music festivals, and tour the museums in the city. Visit the Funen Village in Odense and see what life was like back in the 1800s, or experience concerts, night life and shopping in Hans Christian Andersen’s city.

15326_ARoS, Aarhus_Kim Wyon

We will continue to add more exciting events and attractions, so look out for additional information coming your way soon.

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