Travel between the Nordic capitals

So you’ve set your eyes on the Nordic region for next summer, but don’t know how to get around without spending a fortune? Worry no more – we give you the best tips to budget and sustainable travel between the Nordic capitals!

  • Copenhagen – Stockholm

From Copenhagen, you can actually see Sweden, as well as the bridge that has become so famous because of the crime series. Getting from Copenhagen to Stockholm is easy and quite fast: jump on a X2000 train that runs every couple of hours between the capitals. We love the Swedish trains – they have good Internet connection, enough space and the possibility to buy food and snacks on board. Make sure you book the journey in advance on SJ’s webiste to get the cheapest tickets.

Copenhaguen – Rosenborg Castle. Photo: María de la Cruz
  • Stockholm – Helsinki

So you’ve reached Stockholm, but longing to cross to the Finnish capital? No rush – the direct ferry lines Viking Line or Tallik/Silja Line can take you across the Baltic Sea in 16 hours. This includes a whole lot of entertainment on board and a great opportunity to get to know the locals over a few drinks. If you can’t get enough of the ferry way of travelling, make sure you take a few days extra to cross the sea to Estonia as well.

The metro of Stockholm. Must see! Photo: María de la Cruz
  • Stockholm – Oslo

Having relied on sloooow trains for a number of years, the Swedish rails (SJ) opened up a new and faster connection between Stockholm and Oslo this August. Which we are very happy about! Now it will take a mere 4,5 hours to get from downtown Stockholm to central Oslo. The tickets are affordable and the route comfortable, crossing the Swedish woods and into Norway north of Oslo. Tickets are found here.

Oslo from the Ekeberg Park. Photo: María de la Cruz
  • Oslo – Reykjavik

Reykjavik is seen as the exotic cousin of the other Scandinavian countries. One reason for that, is that it’s further away than the other countries. To get to Reykjavik, you can fly with SAS, Norwegian or IcelandAir, or choose to go with the Norwegian train and boat to Denmark and jump on the ship going across the Nordic sea. Adventure ahead!

Reyjkavik. Photo:
  • Reykjavik – Copenhagen

Having enjoyed cool Reykjavik, you want to go back to Copenhagen to finish off your travels? If you are still up for a boatride, you can take the Smyril Line from Iceland to Hirthshals in Northern Denmark and from there get on a Danish train. We recommend you stop over in the Faeroe Islands, a place the Scandinavians also really want to go to!

Helsinki at twilight. Photo:
  • Oslo – Copenhagen

If you discover you don’t have time to do all the cities, you might want to cut the journey short and travel from Oslo to Copenhagen. For the budget and sustainability conscious traveler, there are different ways to travel between the two capitals. Either you fly with SAS, Norwegian or British Airways, take the ship or go with bus that leaves several times a day – Nettbuss (page in Norwegian) or SweBus. The bus journey is about 8 hours and has a short stopover in Gothenburg.

Skansen Museum, Stockholm. Photo: María de la Cruz

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